-thinks about the emotional aftermath of nic dying-

-starts legitimately crying-


Kakagai is just so strange because out of all the gay nar ships, it is one of the least popular but most plausible ships

i ate too much junk and now i wanna vomit

im an asshole who glories in ur misery don’t be my friend


sometimes u gotta

in all my aus the destroyers and co get the shit end of the stick and i think thats my passive aggressive way of trying to achieve revenge for them ruining p much EVERYTHING

ugh i need 2 chat w someone. ill even resort to tumblr ask. talk 2 me. theres nearly 200 of u. come on. i know ur out there.

Where are you now? Are you there? These walls echo, echo, I’ve heard the clangor of my footsteps for a thousand years. When will this impious madness, end? (x) GANGSTA. Chapt. #34

also if anyone wants my skype i am giving it out rn. free of charge.